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Your dealer doesn't want to deal with your too old motorcycle? 
The mechanic can not find the ODB socket and therefore can not take care of your blunderbuss? 
You are a handle mechanical , whether English , German, Italian or Japanese?
You do not want to bother you to put your hands in this weird mechanical? 
Come to LA GRANGE MECANIQUE®, here we look at it there's better to do to maintain your anvil in top form.


Does your "anvil" make his own?

It has not been ride for ages?

It's still under the tarp at the back of the garage since the birth of the last kid (who just went to university)?

There are strange sounds (clacks, clocs, plocks, ...), it renacles, it rattles, it grumbles, ...?

It smokes, it heats, it smells, ... ?

You do not want to touch this for prevent it from getting worse?
So come to LA GRANGE MECANIQUE®, we will look at what is best to do to restore all its splendor to your bike.

Triumph T3's preparation mainly

Want to upgrade your Bike ? 
Tired of his particular physical ? 
You have become small arms and machine the heaviness you out ? 
You find the engine too winded and you want him free hatches ? 
Come to LA GRANGE MECANIQUE®, here, we listen to your wishes and we all look at the feasibility of your idea.

Labour price

54 € all Tax included (VAT 20%           45 € Excl. Tax)