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"Grand Ma" 
900 Daytona (T357) - 1995 (manufactured end of 1994) - Bought new, it has been transformed year after year. Deep modification of engine and chassis.
1995 - Somme days after buying...
2007, OEM slip-ons were died => new laser ones.
2011 - La torréfaction continue with 1 headlight, nice.
1000 RSV front train also. And a 3/1, and, and, ...
2009 - After a slide during winter, modification into a SpeeDayto
"mother Four Ace" (killing joke about a television game Fort Boyard)
Base of 1200 Daytona (T356). Deep modification of the engine. Creation of a specific "Super IV" because of all engine transformation (a "little bit" more than full power...)
State of the beast when purchased . It had been transformed by its owner in Last Edition Replica.
Photo : P.S.
Photo : P.S.
2012 - Une tentative de Sprint 1200 avec un minimum de modifications. C'était sympa pour la période hivernale, mais pas très glam...
2013 to today - Transformation en SUPER IV. What was done ??? mmmmmmmh.....
2015 - At Cafe Racer Festival in June, at Monthlery, south of Paris (France). It got all Super III decorum (6 pots Alcon, carbon parts). Light version (no lower fairing).
"La rougne"
1000 Daytona (T346 ) - 1992 - Bought second hand at a small price, poor thing was a mess after a drop and repair with the means at hand ... 
Pathetic, huh ?!?
1000 Daytona fairing are not easy to find : we keep the principle of a TRIDENT basis with a front train of a 1100 Gex and a part of the last edition replica fairing.
No nikname actually... 
750 Trident (T330) - 1991- bought second hand , she was prepared for volcanoes rallies (near Clermont Ferrand, France) by his former owner.