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Triumph T3, historical and technical

During the revival of the brand in the early 90s, Triumph offers several models of motorcycles, all based on the same principle that I call the principle of "Lego" (principle of common platform, widely used in automobile).  
Very clever solution industrially speaking, because it allows, on the same basis, with maximum common parts, offer a range of motorcycle: the basic roadster sport. All for a very competitive price.  
Most of the equipment and technical solutions chosen are high:  

  • steel-braided lines  
  • eccentric chain adjuster,
  • High quality paint,  
  • ...  

are rarely equaled even today.  
Proposed following two engine versions (3 and 4 cylinder), 2 displacements (750/1000 and 900/1200), the 3-cylinders engine that has rapidly at the expense of 4-cylinders engine that was unfortunately relegated gradually do perduring on road range (Trophy 1200).  
Motorcycles and endearing characters, T3 are a treat for any enthusiast or food of all kinds, because almost everything is interchangeable on these bikes.  
Few defects (inherent in any motorcycle) can be solved or at least strongly erase, not spoiling anything major qualities distilled by these bikes.  
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