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THE french site/forum on essential Triumph T3 ( 900 and 1200) and T4 ( Tiger ).
Warning: Forum Old geezer => it is polished , it wipes feet on returning , they say hello to the lady ....
... And we open a bottle of "fruit" to loosen tongues .
Triumph à Donf. The other site / forum essential . The injected them have a prominent place.
Triumph All. Mainly on the latest models.
But a small section of the forum is devoted to Triumphs carburetors.
A nice technical data section .
Moto Anglaise Club. The English before 1983.
Crazy guys highly qualified on these endearing hyper machines.
The CRC (Cafe Racer Club). All motorcycles character represented.
Quite hard talking in about (or too much) , but real good info.
English section !
Fast And Track (FAT) club, Café Racer website and forum, managed by Jannick , the boss of Speedshop Sunday .
Websites (Casim France and various departments ) and Forum CASIM , association lavish improvements to driving motorcycle.
It talks about security, but especially control of the motorcycle.
The atmosphere remains biker, polite but biker .
Your servant is monitor ...
Websites & Blogs
Ben's site. A wealth of information !!!
Damien's blog (Blackdam). With Maxence, one of the most respectable people of the world T3 in France.
He is member of the
T3 / T5 French Social Club.
Trimax, garage of Maxence (Chevelu). A good , a very good one. Specialist triumph T3, obviously.
He is member of the T3 / T5 French Social Club.
T5 & Cie, Franck's website, specialist Triumph T5 on Challans (Vendée). It also makes the Triumph T3.
He is also dealer Royald Enfield. Friendly and knowledgeable, what more ?
He is member of the T3 / T5 French Social Club.
FORGE workshop (south of Nantes, France), high level of handmade/modified bikes from this couple.
Highly recommendable !
The blog of journalist and photographer specializing motorcycle, Thomas CAPLAIN (which "rampant" among others Cafe Racer and Twin & Triple).
In many beautiful items and great pictures.
The Cafe Racer magazine website. You will find , among others, information about the magazine Twin & Triple .
After, among others, the late Twin & Triple mag (sniff !), Zef concocts well beautiful articles about his passion , his passions (!), around the motorcycle.
RAD magazine, Pierre's magazine website. Beautiful machines, fine spirit, passion and oils smells.
Motomag , no need to submit it : it is the staple of the motorcycle press in France.
Website of "the Pouz' ". What you need to know about Tiger ...
Eden Bike n' Co, the blog of Remy. Laverda and Triumph.
Wonderbird, the blog of "Felix Tétrois". How to roast a T3 into a marvelous bird? Click and enjoy.
Old & New Stocks. Specialized site of Japanese motorcycle parts sales 70 's and 80's.
Domy, the boss (and yes, it is a woman, no offense to the macho) is competent to perfection .
Shaft Racing ... Regis, a master in chassis suspension.
Motorcycles (many TT track prépas ) , cars ( Lotus , Lamborghini , ...), the gentleman is in the top level .
Mike, a former at Land Rover and EMC, and side-car driver warned, offers excellent craftsmanship and driving behavior damper, with ultra compressed prices.
Very good stuff .
Bullita Motorcyles
A really nice guy who create high level motorbikes. He is really impressive.
Auvergne Moto Classique (Classic Motorbikes in Auvergne county).
Here operates Daniel, aka "Jivaro", an emminent specialiste junk of all kinds, 2 wheels, 4 wheels, paddle , ...
A colorful character who needs no introduction, in the top 3 of the best addresses in France.
Atelier Cafe Racer (Cafe Racer Workshop)
Garage associative motorcycle created in 2016, very active. You can repair/maintain your motorcycle with or without the help of the members present.
You can also eat in a friendly. A place like that was missing in Nantes.
Makadam Kulture (Dinan, France). Litlle staff, but high desire and capacity to organize a great and huge event in (north) Britanny, during September.
An unavoidable date !
Friendly and really nice guys. Like them !
La Vie de la Moto, french magazine about vintage motorbikes, old (and even very old).