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Sorry for strange sentences, due to automatic translation, for the moment.

You tinkerers on your Triumph T3, you're always looking right left the best plans, the best parts, poly, rear foot rest, specific parts of all kinds...

I am like you.

For years I have railed hours searching on the web and elsewhere, parts that I never found.

Of course, for "all comers", LBC, eBay, WoT ... we troubleshoot a lot of pieces.

But for the special, bizarre, the personal / prepared: not fixed and specific offers in France ... and even in Europe.

There Mecatwin (France), you tell me. Yes, it's true. T3 but are no longer in the catalog for a long time ...

So here, came to the half of my professional life, with the mixture of the need for change and passion, I decided to create what most of us, biker fan or not, are looking for:

                               Workshop dreamed, both garage and workshop parts manufacturing all kinds 
A place where we can find what we do not or no longer found elsewhere:

  • Machining / polishing camshaft head, 
  • Machining parts (remote control, etc.) 
  • Poly (fiberglass and carbon) various and varied (Dayto mono-stool covers ...) 
  • Probably solder (manifold, muffler, ...) 
  • coffee, 
  • a beer, 
  • exchange and passion, 
  • etc ...

Since my first moped peugeot 103 until my different bikes , I always liked " tinkering " mechanics. 

My mind curious and creative always led me to try things that others see as crazy or insane. 
For best results, the simple mechanical mind , although essential , is not enough. 
And I rely on my basic training ( mechanical design ) and spent 20 years in office study automotive subcontracting. 
I went from finite element calculation , project management , business expertise to the world. 
My knowledge of the different method of production and processing of most materials ( elastomers , plastics, metals ) as well as local tissue outsourcing allows me to ensure the best possible quality. 
I want and I want the workshop and the work is handmade . This is a very important point for me. 
My Grandfather , father, were artisans. This explains that, no doubt .... 
To complete it all , I prepare / renovating / repairing Triumph T3 (even Trophy is to say .... )