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December 2016

News from October to December...

On the WE, October 15th/16th, LA GRANGE MECANIQUE has exposed to the 1st Show of "l'Atelier Cafe Racer" (new association created at LA CHAPELLE SUR ERDRE - 44), where a hundred of atypical motorbikes were presented.

The Triumph 900 Daytona of the boss of LA GRANGE MECANIQUE was there, with its new paint (Atelier K).

Even with a "rainy" weather, this first edition was susccessfull, with lots of visitors. Good for next year's show...

Please, come have a look next sunday, january 8th, at the 8th "puces auto-moto" in LA BEAUJOIRE (Nantes - 44), organized by VPO.

I will show some good bikes, as this Guzz' 1000 SP and this litle CB 400 Four super sport...

February 2016

8 months of delay News...

Does a long time there has been no news here.

Lot of new bikes since February 2016: Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, MV Agusta, of the Royal Enfield of the Norton, etc

Old short-tempered, adults and pre-pubescent panel...

The Cafe Racer Festival 2016 to Montlhery in June, the atypical bike show by "l'Atelier Cafe Racer" October 15/16th, an evolution of "graphical identity" to open to all brands, preparation for beginning 2017 of carbs kits, kits of ignition coils for Triumph T300, first carbon parts, etc.

Moving, moving...

Triumph 1200 Daytona 1996, refunded from A to Z

Spring cute view from the worshop

Pit lane in Montlhéry, during Cafe Racer Festival, June 2016.

A baby bike : MV Agusta 989 R Brutale

The La Grange Mecanique's boss, speaking with the Cafe Racer magazine's team.

A part of the team LA GLANDE METALLIQUE

Cafe Racer Festival, June 2016. In the paddock...

Honda 750 Four K2, 1972

Royal Enfield 500 Bullet Classic. Carbs ! 2006

Honda 750 XLV + Honda 750 Four K2

Norton 850 Commando Mk III, 1975

It is clear that the logo from the early days was very (too?) connoted "English bikes".

The triangle shape and the font of the brand (very Triumph), Union Jack, etc.

And because LA GRANGE MECANIQUE doesn't work only on English bikes, the visual identity

had to evolve for more... of universality (it's pompous as term, right?).

Anyway, let's go on a round logo, less glam, but universal and easily transferable.
We keep the cat, which is and will remain the mascot of the workshop.
The font of the brand is simplified.

Reminder when even the workshop concentrates on motorcycles Carburetors by an English

contraction "Bikes & Carbs", easier to insert than a "Motos & Carbus" (in French, who would

do just as well, incidentally). But, give in to the lure of global marketing...

The bottom ragged "racing", also universal, reminder that the workshop is not a policed and

smoothed place! This background can be customized with the flags of different brands.

For the nostalgic, that they can rest assured, the first logo will continue to persist on the speciality of the House: Triumph !

February 2016

BMW R100 in the workshop

For those who doubt that only Triumph's bikes are welcomed in the workshop, an example of a R100, actually in modification by the customer.
Some electrical connections, harness lightening, cleaning carburetors and another reboot, is underway.

Those who may be shocking should be assured : the workshop hipsterization is not the order of the day (it ranks the plaid shirts , the lapidary, ...)

January 2016

Automobile/Motorbikes show, La Beaujoire (Nantes - France)

A stand of LA GRANGE MECANIQUE was present at the auto/motorcycle show, La Beaujoire (Nantes - France), 2016 Sunday, January 10.

2 mechanical beauties (kindly made ​​available for the occasion by their owners, friends ) :

A 1000 square ARIEL 4G oven Mk II 1953. In its juice , awaiting renovation.

A HONDA CB 750 K2 oven of 1972, in very good condition . Yes, I know , the saddle is white (choice of owner ).

Those present (sometimes coming from quite a distance ) were able to discover the workshop and the services offered.

A great day spent in a passionate environment , curious and eager for any " new ".

September 2015

ROYAL ENFIELD 350 Bullet 1963

Renovated completely in 2014 in India, for export towards France.
The poor bike didn't appreciate the shipment, not wanting to restart on arrival.

A repair of the electric wire harness, "Made In India" random renovation,
an ignition adjustment, a cleaning of the carburetor (the Indian gasoline is sticky),
and this mono vibrating cheerfully again, making a happy owner.

July 2015

Cafe Racer Festival, Juin 2015 - Montlhery (France)

With a band of merry madmen, Super IV of La Grange Mecanique was tater the famous ring of Montlhery (France, near Paris)
during the 2015 edtion Café Racer Festival.
Beautiful people and beautiful achievements. Appointment is made ​​for next year

April 2015

And now, It's OPEN !!!

The workshop motorbike garage is finished (still some finishing touches ...) and hosts worthily all anvils, oil pissing or not.

The Machine Shop took a bit late ( Murphy's Law and the vagaries of the last problems have their works ), but is now becoming the new construction underway.
Objective: gradual implementation from September

April 2015

A little patience...

The workshop motorbike garage is finished (still some finishing touches ...) and hosts worthily all anvils, oil pissing or not.

March 2015

The opening has never been so close !!!

                                   The development work reach a level where the bikes can be accommodated in the best conditions.

                                   The external motorcycle garage has been fitted and the cover is in progress.

                                   The lift tables, tire machine, tools, etc ... will be delivered from Tuesday.

                                   In short, this advance !!!

                                        The floor tiles RACEDECK® hase been received.

                                        Indeed, some have enjoyed the logo of La Grange Mecanique

                                        wich was exposed to the Racedeck France stand at the show Retromobile (Paris).

                                        Pictures coming soon laid the ground ...

                                                                         Go to please the eye, two other versions of the logo I use more and more :

January 2015

To be translated

To be translated

Les 2 grands Velux intérieur, qui éclaireront naturellement les tables élévatrices.
L'extension Atelier en l'état fin Février 2015
L'extension Atelier en l'état début Janvier 2015
November 2014

To be translated

To be translated

Réservation pour tables élévatrice
Le futur atelier d'usinage
Le parking en cours de réalisation
July 2014

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To be translated

May 2014

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To be translated

To be translated

February 2014

To be translated

To be translated

December 2013

Twin and Triple #8

To be translated

December 2013

Daytona 1300 Super IV

The subject of the T&T #8

1200 Daytona 1996
Head cylinders prepared (polishing intake/exhaust conduits, and some other details...)
So the crankcases
Machining collector welds
Venom slip-on (silent Super III to fit)
Liner cyl./high compression pistons from Daytona T5 (1274 Cm3 instead of 1179 cm3 of origin)
Balancing rods/pistons (± 0.1gr)
BST40 carbs (instead of BST36)
Individual foam filters ITG
CDI + UK camshaft (full power : 147cv, logically)
Ignition advance 3°
Brembo P4 calipers + offset legged housemade (will be replaced by Super III 6 pistons calipers)
MC Nissin radial PR19

Work on rear part of the fairing (cutting lower of the body)
" Super Light " design version
Sabot from the lower fairing Daytona 900

Final power ???  Enough....

Décembre 2013

To be translated

To be translated