Maintenance - Repair
Restoration - Preparation
All Brand
Specialized Triumph T3
Motorbikes and Carburators

The sirens of injection and all you plastic bristle hair?

The smell of hot oil and gum burned you tickle the nostrils?

You own an "anvil"... or not ?

Youngtimer or old veteran?

Like mechanical... or not ? 

You're just curious?

In short, the biker spirit still want to say something to you.

Enter in, come see what happens here. You are in the right place...

Focused on 70's to 90's bikes, LA GRANGE MECANIQUE is is mainly open to all brands and models, no matter their age.

Specialized on Triumph T3, here we accept the Japanese, the Italian, why not the BMW, even the HD ...
One does even in the social by accepting the injected, that is to say the open-mindedness !

All motorcycles are welcome, let's not be sectarian ... (we are in bad faith, of course, but we are passionate biker first of all).

Workshop/Motorcycle Garage, the maximum is assembled so that the Tomcat (master of these places) can assure:

- Maintenance

- Repair

- adjustment

- Restoration

- Preparation

On carburetors, obviously, but also on mechanics, chassis, electricity,...

And if, for lack of time or know-how (the Tomcat prefers focus on what he knows how to do rather than hurt a little while), the workshop sits on a network of high-level craftsmen : 
   - Welding, 
   - Machining, 
   - Painting, 
   - Saddlery, 
   - Aero-Blasting (soda blasting), 
   - ...

The workshop has no stock of spare parts, but the Tomcat can get many of the pieces you can look for.

It has a permanent stock of carburetor parts (Mikuni and Keihin, the main carburetors on the market). 

No Deposit-sale and exceptional sale of motorcycles.

If the Triumph T3/T4 (the revival of Triumph early 90 's) no longer has any secrets for him, the naughty Tomcat also works on the newer Triumph (T5 injection, 1050, 675,...) and any motorcycles injected.

Attention, as already said, the Tomcat does in the social by accepting these particular gear, but does not go so far as to reprogram, erase the error codes or read the chip of recent machines.

It does not and does not want the suitcase Kivabien. Others are specialized in injection. Each one's job. 

As specialist in carburetors, it is quite natural that collectors, or near to be, will pose their "gummies" in the workshop: 
   - CB Four's Honda spend very regularly in the workshop (750 four, 550, 400,...), 
   - as the Kawasaki Z1, sometimes,
   - also Suzuki (air/oil or not),
   - BMW, 
   - Moto-Guzzi, 
   - MV Agusta, 
   - Norton, 
   - Royal Enfield (Indian ones), 
   - Ariel, 
   - ... 

Sometimes even funny tricks, for mechanical pleasure (as long as it has a respectable age): Solex, Motobecane, Peugeot,... 

But no "scooter thing" or something else 100% utility of the kind (though, someday I would probably say YES to an old Vespa, for fun...). 
The "Scoot minutes" shops are made for all of this.

The cat has two hands and two paws (to scratch behind the ear), but he needs a minimum of tool to do his job well: 
   - 2 x Marolotest working benches (top quality, 450 kg max load)
   - 2 x Ultrasonic Tanks 
   - 1 x Tyre Mounting machine 
   - 1 x Valve seat grinder and (hand) rectifiers 
   - 1 x "Dremel" to foot control (something that holds the road, not a Chinese ones from "Tinkers all" that looses after a month) 
   - 1 x Hydro-Pneumatic Press (fitting/Unfitting, ...) 
   - 1 x Column Drill 
   - 1 x Marolotest gas Analyzer, Colortune spark
   - 1 x Strobe Light 
   - 1 x Marble for geometric parts control 
And all the necessary tools, basic and more specialized, for the maintenance of motorcycles with carburetor 

(from hammer in all these forms, compressiometer, riveter/chain unriveter,...) 

In "La Vie de la Moto" (LVM) #959, February 1st,

a nice article by Thierry BUTZBACH on the workshop and his "tomcat".

The article was made in February 2017.

The paper press is slower than the Web...

At the beginning of March, the workshop was present, for the first time, at the 13th Café Racer bike show, at La Chapelle Palluau (85).

Friendly and family atmosphere for this indispensable Vendéen gathering.

Mid April, the workshop exhibited for the first time in the "Salon Retro Passion", Rennes (35), organized by the association "engrenage".

Nearly 12000 visitors for one day ! A big success !