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February 2016

BMW R100 in the workshop

For those who doubt that only Triumph's bikes are welcomed in the workshop, an example of a R100, actually in modification by the customer.
Some electrical connections, harness lightening, cleaning carburetors and another reboot, is underway.

Those who may be shocking should be assured : the workshop hipsterization is not the order of the day (it ranks the plaid shirts , the lapidary, ...)


You own a Triumph T3... or not ?

Like mechanical... or not ?

The sirens of injection and all you plastic bristle hair?

Youngtimer or old veteran?

The smell of hot oil and gum burned you tickle the nostrils?

You're just curious?

In short, the biker spirit still want to say something to you.

Enter in, come see what happens here. You are in the right place...

Workshop specialized on Triumph T3, all other brands and models are welcome to LA GRANGE MECANIQUE.
Japanese (Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda), Italian (Guzzi, Ducati), why not BMW (ah, ah, ah), even HD...

All the motorcycles are welcome, let us be not sectarian (we are dishonest, certainly, but we are passionate motorcyclist above all).

LA GRANGE MECANIQUE is especially a factory of untraceable parts, or almost, for your motorcycle.


From the preparation of cylinder head to the counters's plate, including rearsets, needles of carbs and the adaptations of forks...

Aluminum, plastic, rubber, PU, steel... all the materials or almost can be worked.

Traditional lathe and milling, Drill with column, sandblaster, press and hydraulic bending machine, profile bending, ultrasonic cleaning, complete the 2 axis CNC lathe and the 5 axis CNC, hearts of the workshop.

Forecasted mid 2016


Complete body made ​​of glass or carbon fibers , solo seat ... and a lot of ideas in the pipeline.

Specially designed cabin. No details about the forms by parts castings. No, 3D scanning and CNC mold machining ensure the top quality.
First subcontracted, the painting is expected to be incorporated into the futures workshop.

Forecasted end 2016


Addition to the machine shop , welding will probably be extended to more complex parts.

AC/DC TIG , MIG, bending machine / bending sheet metal 

Forecasted 2017


What would a well-equipped workshop without proposing motorcycle garage benefits?

Everything is designed to maintain and repair your bike.