Maintenance - Repair
Restoration - Preparation
All Brand
Specialized Triumph T3
Motorbikes and Carburators
No cosmetic preparation here.
Only the effective engine upgrade.

From a Sprint, stock (and having undergone a small slide , poor), we get a nice tool , very nice to use.
Disassembly of  the beast ( the current workshop is much more spacious and better equipped than the time of the photos) .
Calamine moved.
Installation of high compression pistons.
polished piston head to pretty, but also to delay the calamine deposit .
Polishing head caps for the same reasons . Here we re- used segments and original shirts, which prevents lapping.
One benefits to remove material casting bridges, useful for good repartition aluminum during casting of the cylinder head, but unnecessary for the operation and the mechanical strength.
It does not win power or weight . But for the beauty of gesture ...
Removal of weld seams on the collector => Ø largest gas passage .
The bulk of the work on the cylinder head ( cylinder head last worked by hand before going on the 5-axis CNC milling machine ) :
   - cut of the exhaust march in the exhaust conduct => Ø largest gas passage,
   - polishing of the intake and exhaust conducts,
   - work on the valve seat junctions / conducts
I pass over the obvious break valves and valves gap control.

Camshaft laying Daytona T5, a show and close diagram camshaft Super III .

Installation of a ramp BST40 carburetors. As effective as a ramp FCR39 (yes, I know, they work differently, but objectively, the cost vs efficiency is not good for FCR). Cheaper and easier to use and setting.
Ignition timing to 3°.

K&N air filter in the stock air box (changed type " Trimax ").

Laying Daytona 1000 slip-on. The exhaust tip Ø is largest than Sprint's one.
They are therefore more in line with the modified admission while remaining legal , and licensing standpoint dB.

Daytona fork Pose (triple regulated) and reconditioning of any firmer damping. 

Replacing original breaking lines with a double steel-braided lines.No more pressure losses in the original dispatcher.
The MC PR19 has been asked to give a more ... friendly braking.